Club run 10/4/16


Today’s Club run in numbers
EIGHT: The number of riders assembled on the square, none quite sure how to dress for the weather: more or less properly dressed for the occasion were Anna, Dev and Mike; Duncan and Graeme were wearing sunglasses but with winter shades; Tri-athlete David and sometime cyclist Jane were wearing rain jackets; covering all the bases however was Paul, wearing summer shorts and also a full balaclava.
ONE: broken spoke found on Anna’s wheel before the off, and wheel loaned to Anna by Mike from his garage.
FOUR: the total number of punctures. Mike suffered three punctures all to himself, but only successfully fixed one of them. It was unclear to the peloton whether this was down to bad luck or bad spannering.
TWO: Countries visited in the course of this 55 mile ride. There is a venerable tradition in cycling of naming rides ‘The Race to the Sun’. In Auchencrow Thistle’s case, this means looking at the sky, looking for the brightest bit, and heading in that direction. Today this took us on an unusual route via Norham, Milfield, Yeavering, Mindrum, Kirknewton, Cornhill, then a split into two groups: the group that ate two pieces of apple pie with coffee at Cornhill (Mike and Graeme); the rest who headed home via Georgefield.