APR results


12 April

Duns Christmas tree organisers must have been checking the date last Tuesday because the bus shelter was all a twinkle. They did not have to panic though, as it was just a group of cyclists meeting on a dank and drizzly night; winner of the best light display was Anna White (having raided the Christmas decorations box), and the best morris dancer, Graeme Small.
The eight Auchencrow members were not just there to amuse the locals however, there was the small matter of the opening APR to compete for. Starting at Mount Pleasant two fours were selected; the fast group (R. Mitchell, M. Horne, G. Small and G. Moore) and the ‘others’ (P. Ford, J. Holmes, A. White, D. Martin). The ‘less fast’ group set off with a three minute start with the aim of keeping ahead for the 12 miles till the finish in Swinton. The riders all took turns at the front and were working well until Swinton Mill when the ’catch ’ was made. All the teamwork and any pacts that may have been agreed were forgotten as the eight splintered into four groups of two all determined to bridge the gap in the remaining two miles. This made for a lungbursting and legsapping frenetic five minutes. Robbie edged Mike for the win. In the battle of the super novas, Graeme pipped Anna, Jane outlasted Duncan, and Greig recovered in time to deadheat with Paul. All in all an excellent training and entertaining evening.