Lintlaw 15 mile TT results


Robbie Mitchell’s victory was emphatic over the two hilly laps, triangulating Preston, Lintlaw and Marygold. Mike Horne finished second, just catching his minute-man, Greig Moore, who continued this year’s good form. Devrim Turkay’s early blowout was a sign of things to come as Graeme Small’s hopes were deflated by a puncture, having gone through the first lap 40s up on Mike Horne. Duncan Martin and London Marathon-bound Jane Holmes were the only two to record negative splits, attesting to the draining nature of the course with its one-two combination of the drag to Lintlaw quickly followed by the tougher climb from Slighhouses. Paul Ford had the edge on Nick Trussler. George McMullan and Laura Thomson started their seasons with one lap on the sunny spring evening, allowing them the time to wax lyrical about Chirnside’s Geoff Apps, latterly recognised as the father of British mountain biking. Next up is the Cranshaws 10 mile TT, meeting Preston village hall at 7pm on Tuesday 3 May.

1. Robbie Mitchell 15 miles in 39.04 (23.1mph) [first lap:19.22]
2. Mike Horne 43.37 [21.24]
3. Greig Moore 44.38 [22.00]
4. Duncan Martin 45.45 [22.57]
5. Jane Holmes 46.25 [23.25]
6. Paul Ford 51.38 [25.28]
7. Nick Trussler 52.13 [25.49]
8. George McMullan 26.09 [1 lap]
9. Laura Thomson 31.32 [1 lap]
DNF Graeme Small [20.44]
DNF Devrim Turkay
Timekeeping: John Nisbet & Laura Thomson