A Cracking night’s training and competition.

Round three of the APR series brought contrasting fortunes to the three groups of riders. Group one, marshalled by ‘auld heid’ Graeme Small, worked well in the ‘ant’ formation and set a tough pace with Anna, Jane and Paul allowing their mentor a loose passage to the finish.
It was a chastening experience for the middle group of Greig, Devrim and Duncan, who discovered that ‘going too soon’ is not the way to ride an APR. Two of the trio were in trouble even before the end of lap one (of three!) with Greig dealing out the pain.
The final three of Robbie, Mike and Aidan gave an apparently huge twelve minutes start to the first group and eight to the second but these two deficits were gone by the end of lap two. They first passed the spent D Martin and D Turkay and then brought the rest of the field together for three miles,
When the earnest racing began it was Robbie Mitchell who took the spoils, but with his group occupying all podium places their handicap will need increased ?
Results. 1. R Mitchell, 2. A McIlroy, 3. M Horne, 4. G Moore, 5. A White, 6. J Holmes, 7. D Martin, 8. G Small, 9. P Ford, 10. D Turkay. Next up on June 14 is round 3 of the Border Trophy at Hawick, for anyone unable to make Hawick there will be a clubrun leaving Duns Square at 7 pm.