KOTM4 19/7/16


Aidan McIlroy took a clean sweep of the hills during the penultimate round of the season-long King Of The Mountains series. A dozen riders tackled the climbs of Camp Moor (near Choicelee), Rumbletonlaw and Greenlaw Moor on a balmy evening. Personal challenges raged between the riders strewn further down the hillsides. As Rafal Majka was emerging as the likely polka-dot jersey winner in the Tour de France, Auchencrow Thistle’s competition was more finely balanced going into the final round. Tuesday 2/8/16 marks the start of the 6.30pm meeting times for the remainder of the season – meet at Duns Square for the new Swinton TT has its first outing. Saturday 6/8/16 sees Auchencrow Thistle help put on the mile-long mountain bike race at the Duns Show. It’s open to all ages – you must bring a bike and a helmet – start times to be confirmed, though likely around 1 or 2pm.
1. A McIlroy 3; 2. R Mitchell 6; 3. M Horne 10; 4. G Small 11; 5. G Moore 16; 6. D Martin 17; 7. N Tait 23; 8. J Holmes 25; 9. D Turkay 27; 10. P Ford 29; 11. N Trussler 33; 12. A White 34.

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