Committee & Constitution

''I've searched all the parks in all the cities - and found no statues of committees.'' (GK Chesterton).

Nonetheless, here's ours...

Chair: Duncan Martin

President: Dave Philip

Secretary: Devrim Turkay

Treasurer: Jane Holmes

Club Captain: Robbie Mitchell

Committee members: Lester Grant, Michael Horne & Graeme Small

AGMs held every February; minutes, accounts and constitution available to members upon request.


Auchencrow Thistle | Aims & Constitution

  • 1.The club shall be called Auchencrow Thistle.
  • 2.The aim of the club is to promote the enjoyment of, participation in and awareness of cycling.
  • 3.The management of the club shall be undertaken by the elected committee on behalf of club members. The committee will be constituted of four office bearers – namely, President, Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer – and other non-executive committee members.
  • 4.Membership of the club is open to all cyclists, subject to payment of the membership fee and the approval of the committee. There shall be no unfair or unlawful treatment of, or by, any members.
  • 5. The club shall be affiliated to Scottish Cycling. It shall uphold the rules of Scottish Cycling, British Cycling and the Road Time Trials Council.
  • 6.Annual General Meetings (AGM) shall be open to all members and held in advance of the new season, at an appropriate venue. AGMs shall be considered quorate if at least one quarter of the membership attend, with a majority of the office bearers present.
  • 7.This constitution shall only be altered by a majority consensus at either an AGM or an Extraordinary General Meeting.
  • 8.Club colours shall be blue, carry the symbol of a thistle and the words Auchencrow Thistle. Members shall wear club colours in all Open races.
  • 9.Financial surpluses shall be used to carry out the club's aims. Should the club be dissolved, any resources - after honouring debts and liabilities - shall be transferred to a similar club or an association to which it is affiliated.

Approved at AGM 26 February 2017


Auchencrow Thistle | 2016 AGM minutes | 26 February 2017

Present Jane Holmes, Michael Horne, Duncan Martin, Robbie Mitchell, Laura Thomson & Devrim Turkay

Apologies Dave Philip, Graeme Small, Anna White & Colin Wilson

Minutes Proposed by R Mitchell; seconded by J Holmes.

Chair's Report

Good season - KOTM series, club runs, longer Sunday runs, Duns Show & Eyemouth High School stands and social media profile.

Lows - Recruitment of members needs to improve.

Treasurer's Report

J Holmes circulated accounts (available upon request to members).

Closing balance £2566.41 (£51.60 surplus for the year).

Designated income £898.63 remaining from the winding up of ESCA for cycling development.

Membership - Twenty-two members subscribed.

Fees to remain at £20 annually.

Signing up to teamapp as part of membership.

Signatories = D Turkay's signatory forms latterly completed – J Holmes to submit to RBS.

Potential spending - 1. J Holmes to look into cost of team gilets and possibility of club subsidising (given D Martin expressing need to raise profile through club kit on club runs and nights).

2. D Martin to oversee 100 mile event open to local clubs and individuals (with potential upfront costs for supporting vehicle hire etc).

Election of office bearers (executive)

Chair - D Martin Proposed: J Holmes Seconded: L Thomson

Secretary - D Turkay Proposed: D Martin Seconded: R Mitchell

Treasurer - J Holmes Proposed: M Horne Seconded: D Turkay

President - D Philip Proposed: D Martin Seconded: J Holmes

Election of committee member

M Horne Proposed: D Martin Seconded: D Turkay

Existing committee members (non-executive)

R Mitchell (Captain), G Small & L Grant

Constitution - New constitution approved with amendments.


Auchencrow Thistle | Committee Meeting | 26 February 2017

Calendar - Approved with amendments for temporary traffic lights at Cumledge. Preston 10 Hilly on 4/4/17 (now Lintlaw 7.5 Hilly). Possible need to move start and finish of Cleugh Hilly on 4/7/17. Season finale on 29/8/17 to be 1 mile two ways (instead of Preston 5) along the straightest section starting soon after Preston towards Chirnsidebridge. Addition of Swinton 20 TT (in place of Westruther 19 on account of awkward distance). Devrim to pin updated calendar to FB page.

Routes - Robbie to again set KOTM routes.

Long runs - To commence last Sunday of the month as of March. Graeme to schedule his complete Berwickshire Listed Bridges route (part-route trialled recently).

Pedal, Pedal, paddle, splash, dash (a race from Norham to Berwick by bike, paddle etc rowing or running): Jane to approach Les Turnbull. Devrim to approach Ian Black.

Duns Show - Jane to look into trying to get kids' race to take place in the ring. Devrim to design flyer.

Kids - Wednesday night in June with laps of the park in Duns to be promoted as another event for kids (given that there had been a poor turnout on Sunday morning event). Jane to approach Cubs' leader. Duncan to approach Berwickshire High to build presence in Duns on the back of Robbie and Mike successfully running one minute static bike challenge at Eyemouth High in November 2016.

APR - Need to reconsider gaps (got it wrong for the Championship).

Clothing - Jane to look into possible club contribution towards gilet subsidy; Duncan had expressed desire for Auchencrow Thistle colours to be worn more frequently for brand recognition etc and gilet was agreed to be most practical single item of clothing throughout the year.

MTB - Jane to promote Saturday MTB group during daylight. Wednesday night group to continue.

Leitholm CC - To move their TT night to Wednesdays to avoid clash with us.

Border Trophy - Members to enter as individuals this year as the club had been unable to mobilise enough commitment to compete as a team last year.

Summer - Duncan to hold responsibility for 100 mile + event for members, non-members and other clubs, to be held possibly on the last Sunday of July or August. Duncan to delegate tasks re route and logistics (support crew, van use/hire, food, costs etc)

Handicap - Robbie's suggestion of a handicapped series to motivate members in a parallel competition to the TT series was declined on the grounds of complexity of scoring it.